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In this section you can find a list of some of the most relevant projects developing training material for a sustainable use of pesticide:


The purpose of EcoPest is to develop, apply and demonstrate an economically-viable Strategic Plan for the sustainable use of pesticides and fertilizers in the area. This happened through the minimization of agricultural inputs and the effective management of related risks. Ultimately, the Project aims at submitting practical proposals to the responsible regulatory bodies, making the Project’s deliverables directly applicable to both existing requirements and future legislation.


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The implementation of HydroSense project started in January 2010. It is co-funded by LIFE+ Environment which is a financial instrument of the European Union for the protection of the environment.
The HydroSense project aims ultimately to improve the water, fertilizer and pesticide use efficiency of a major Mediterranean agricultural crop (cotton) by employing principles of site-specific management (or precision agriculture) and advanced technologies in proximal remote sensing.


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Sage10 is a pilot project aiming at the sustainability of Mediterranean agroecosystems, and especially of olive crops, with the century-long history, through the development and implementation of an environmental Impact Assessment Procedure (IAP). In the project there were also publications of training material on environmental impacts and the principles of good agricultural practices.


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ECPA initiatives

Several initiatives have been implemented by ECPA to improve the protection of user and worker health throught appropriate training material. The most notable are Safe & Sustainable Use Initiatives, Safe Disposal (about the storage aspects, containment and the safe disposal of container), TOPPS PROWADIS (about water protection, and Illegal Use (about fake products on the market).


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The main aim of the network is to provide information, tools and services to scientists, policy and farm advisers concerned with Integrated Pest Management. Indeed, ENDURE refers to Integrated Pest Management seen as a continuously improving process in which innovative solutions are integrated and locally adapted as they emerge and contribute to reducing reliance on pesticides in agricultural systems.

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