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The world we live in "The world we live in" is an on-line training for european high shool students. It is designed to provide students with a general overview of the topics addressed in the "From Seed to Spoon" Erasmus + project, such as biodiversity, sustainable agricolture, ecosystem services and others.
"The world we live in" e-learning course is one of the main components of the European project "From Seed to Spoon".

“From Seed to Spoon” is an educational project on the food supply chain developed for high school students whose final aim is the promotion of ecosystem services and sustainable agriculture in cities and peri-urban natural areas in different European Countries. In particular, four countries are involved: Italy, Greece, Romania and Sweden.

This course aims to provide students with preliminary knowledge on different aspects of our natural world, how it works, and how we relate to it. Students will have the chance to further improve this knowledge through in-person exchange visits.

Below the outline of the course: