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Linee guida per un uso sostenibile dei prodotti fitosanitari

Lo scopo del presente lavoro è quello di mettere a disposizione di utilizzatori professionali, consulenti, tecnici, e distributori specifiche “Linee guida” per un uso sostenibile dei prodotti fitosanitari a livello aziendale.

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Prepare your national certification test for plant protection products sustainable use

The purpose of this course is to help provide as complete as possible a training course for plant protection products users following requirements of the SUD Directive (EU128/2009/EC).

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The future of environmental and human health exposure modelling of chemicals

This course is designed to familiarise the user with the new MERLIN-Expo tool by completing a number of tutorials. MERLIN-Expo enables robust, regulatory-relevant environmental fate and exposure assessments to be performed with ease and transparency by anyone.

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Build your own training programme for a sustainbale use of pesticides

Through this free on-line tool you will have the possibility to build personalised training programmes for the operator’s pesticides use integrating different kinds of materials available in the platform.

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La sostenibilità nella vitivinicoltura in Italia

Il corso è svolto da diversi docenti appartenenti ai gruppi di ricerca e di lavoro che partecipano al progetto VIVA. Il contenuto delle 23 lezioni affronta tematiche introduttive al concetto di sostenibilità, agli strumenti e alle pratiche sviluppate nel progetto per l'analisi della sostenibilità.

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Real time monitoring of sea contaminants by an autonomous lab-on-a-chip biosensor

This course is designed to familiarise aquaculture farmers, researchers, and other interested stakeholders with the SEA-on-a-CHIP device, a miniaturized, autonomous, remote and flexible immuno-sensor platform for real-time analysis of marine waters in estuarine and coastal areas, in multi-stressor conditions.

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